We are very blessed having Seven Destiny Kids groups meeting in three centers in Cairo Egypt.
  • Three youth groups - Led by Me, my assistance Chan, and My wife
  • Two children groups - Led by Joyce, Nancy, Nynbol, Aluwe and Shakira
  • Two teens groups - Led Chan, Emmanuel Dominic and Emmanuel Khamilo


Maadi Branch opened in August 2011 and presently we have two groups.  About 15 young people meet under the tent of the Holy Family Catholic Church, led by myself and my wife Sarah. We meet every Sunday, 5pm to 7pm, at the Church building on Road 15 in Maadi. The second group by my wife Sarah at the same location Road 15 Maadi

Hay al Asher (Nasr City)

The group in Hay Al Asher only opened in February 2012 but has about 30 regular attenders but to the glory of God the group has grown to four groups
  • One Youth group - Every Monday

  • One children group - Every Tuesday

  • and Two teens groups - Every Wednesday and Thursday

Praise God Almighty for His increase and we are also blessed with our own Cell Center  

Arubawanus (Nasr City)

11The group in Arubawanus opened in late December 2013 we meet every Tuesday, 5.30pm to 6.30pm and to the glory of God we have 10 - 15 attendance which is led by me and my assistance Chan at the center in Central Arubawanus.  

Next Goal

Our top must payer is to take Destiny Kids to Ain-Shams city in Cairo, why  don't you just purse a minute and lift Destiny kids in prayer that Almighty God will give us a place in Ain-Shams. Thanks and God bless