We hold a Vacation Bible School every year during the long school holidays.  This started particularly for the African refugee children in 2008 under Maadi Community Church.  But in 2011 Destiny Kids became an independent organisation and our VBS lasted for 4 days and had 100 kids involved. On average it costs around LE 10,000 (around US$ 1,700) to run VBS for 100 kids - and that includes the teaching materials and supplies, food for the kids and leaders, transportation (an important thing to bring the kids to the venue) and t-shirts for all the participants. As we have grown we would like to run VBS in different locations so that we can get more kids involved.

The birth of African Vacation Bible School - that became Destiny Kids

In late July, 2008 I was in a VBS organized by Maadi Community Church. On the first day of the program a little African girl by name Anita came butshe had not registered for the VBS. After looking for her name in the list I spoke to the leader in charge of the VBS if I could sign her up, but the leader refused because it was too late. Anita begged me, but she was turned down and this made Anita cry - seeing her crying I knelt before her and made a promise that I would organize a VBS for her the following month in August... and she stopped crying and went back home. After she left I said "God, please give me the funds to run this extra VBS" and without any doubt I trusted the Lord for everything. To the glory of God, He brought some people and they helped sponsor the VBS in August and Anita was the first to sign up for the VBS, on that day we named the event "Destiny Kids VBS".