As children all over the world grow up, especially in their teen years, they have so many pressures to get involved in things - both good and bad.  Their decisions are based on their values, which they have learned from parents and their communities.  It is no different for the refugee children here in Cairo. Searching for a purpose or meaning in their live is challenging and frustrating, especially when there appears to be no hope. This year I had the opportunity to teach "Understanding Adolescence" as part of a Sociology course in the school I work in, and this helped me to understand better the huge pressures on youngsters - in todays society in general but also especially in my own community amongst refugees. The majority of (Sudanese and African) refugee kids are very vulnerable to making bad decisions - whether that is dropping out of school (if they have been fortunate enough to go to school), taking up smoking, drinking, stealing, joining gangs (the "Street Kids") and many other bad things - all because they see that society has nothing really to offer them and they can see no hope anywhere. This is where, by God's Grace, Destiny Kids is making a difference! Little by little we are trying to touch these young lives by:
  • Arranging adult literacy classes
  • Holding computer training classes to help develop skills
  • Organising or seeking our vocational training opportunities
  • Holding social (outreach) activities that are fun and have an educational theme
  • Raising up leaders from our Christian youth members to interact with their peers
Our vision is to have our own training centre - please be praying for God's provision (financial, administrative and in every other way) for Destiny Kids to establish a centre where we can hold educational, vocational and computer classes. Make a donation today